Thursday, October 11, 2012

Book Review - The Nature of Business

Just had my first book review published... written with Janice McDougall  and Norbert Hoeller... not sure why my name is first... unless its by order of first name...and that *NEVER* happens! 
The review was written for an amazing magazine about Bioinspired Design - Zygote Quarterly... photos are stunning... words aren't bad either*.
The review is of the visionary / call to arms "The Nature of Business: Redesigning for Resilience" by Giles Hutchins.  The review can be found here.   

Giles also wrote some nice summaries of the ideas in the book for the Network for Business Sustainability earlier this year...
Aside:The book publisher is involved in the first UK Transition Town Totnes... where many of the ideas from the book are being put into practice.  There is even a local Totnes Pound - to keep economic transactions local...
* For those interested in fast trains check out issue #2 of Zygote Quarterly about the redesign of the front of the Japanese bullet trains based on the shape of a King Fisher bill (not to mention the changes to the pantograph!)


  1. Giles Hutchins provides a fantastic resource in his book, The Nature of Business. It is incredibly robust and insightful, full of deep wisdom and accessible examples that can be drawn from immediately. What I particularly appreciated was Giles' ability to differentiate our current, outdated business model from what he calls the 'Business of the Future'. He outlines this shift in a very clear and organized manner, drawing ample inspiration from natural principles and alternative worldviews/value systems that have proven to be much more effective at living sustainability and resiliently over time. Overall, a very effective read - I can't recommend this book enough!

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  2. Such good book with a different approach to business! Anyone that is sick and tired of all the corporate way of approaching business but at the same time they are entrepreneurs or love business should read this book. Nature has wisdom and it applies to everything, including our professional projects and if we are stunned with its principles and apply them to our business things flow awesomely!

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