Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What's in a name?

Looking for ideas for a less Industrial more Ecologically, Biological, Sociological, Strongly Sustainable equivalents for the following...
1. Organization name / "Workplace"  
Alex Osterwalder's for-profit business model tools company is called the Business Model Foundry - indicating hard work (in terms of heat, beat, treat - the classic unsustainable industrial process) is required to create business model tools tools.
What should we name the organization which is going to develop of strongly sustainable business model tools (click here for details)?

Can you suggest a "eco-inspired", "bio-inspired" or "sociology-inspired" noun which conveys "a place where things are created"?  i.e. not a industrial / neo-classical "foundry" but something inspired by ecology, nature or society but involving smart people trying to do good while doing well?

2. Name of a Person / "Role"
Alex Osterwalder , who I will, call a "conventional"  business model tool designer (albeit a socially concerned one - see the dedication in his PhD and describes himself as an alchemist*   ( ... as in "an alchemist works in the (heat-beat-treat) foundry ...

What would be the the name for the people who work in the place which is  eco,  bio- or sociologically inspired? 

 * Doesn't inspire confidence for me...magic and all that... but it is what he's done and he's being (very) successful!  More conventionally he also calls himself an innovator (

3. Place Where People Meet / "Meeting Place"
 Finally,  if a group of alchemist's from different foundries get together at a mechanistic "hub"....( ....

What's the name for the place where  eco, bio-inspired  or sociologically inspired strongly sustainable business model people get together?
Post your ideas in the comments!   Cheers and thanks for the help...

P.S.  Of course the next challenge is what is the business model for the strongly sustainable "foundry"... since this is the organization I am envisaging will run a project to create a Strongly Sustainable Business Model Toolkit with the "hub" as its community... one which can "change the world" without having to have massive carbon footprint to do so... need something very organic for that... but legally... hummm... co-operative?


  1. Current thinking (thanks to Patricia K., Stephen D.):

    Work Place: Strongly Sustainable Business Model Greenhouse (as in "let's work in/at the greenhouse")

    Role: Strongly Sustainable Business Model Gardeners / Cultivators / Pollinators / etc. ("I help strongly sustainable business models grow", etc.)

    Meeting Place: Strongly Sustainable Business Model Gardens (as in "let's meet each other in the garden")

  2. Ok here's the complete list of ideas from which the above were drawn - in no order

    One other 'complete' set of three was proposed
    - Workplace: Wellspring
    - Role: Diviner or Roustabout
    - Meeting place: Spring, Pool or Pond

    Other ideas...

    Workplace...starting from "Foundry"
    - Swidden
    - Hive
    - Anthill
    - Praireland
    - Greenhouse
    - Hothouse
    - Conservatory
    - Field
    - Wellspring
    - Garden
    - Coop (coup?)
    - Barn
    - Shed
    - Womb

    Role - starting from "alchemist"
    - Catalyst
    - Ecologist
    - Cooperator
    - Forester
    - Collaborator
    - Partner
    - Roustabout
    - Gardner
    - Diviner
    - Mother

    Meeting Place - starting from "Hub"
    - Garden
    - Under a tree
    - Canyon
    - Rhizome (mass of roots)
    - Bucket Brigade
    - Well-head
    - Ecosystem
    - Greenhouse
    - Creche / Maternity Ward
    - Coop (coup?)
    - Barn
    - Pool, Pond

    Other people suggested as placed where "R&D" could happen or the name for the R&D process
    - Germinator
    - Perculaborium (invented work - Percolate, Lab, Arboretum)
    - Polination